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Agriculture Technology (AgTech) – Companies focused on providing technologies, equipment, and supplies to assist in the production and cultivation of the cannabis plant. This includes companies that provide growing systems, greenhouses, farming supplies, nutrients, hydroponics, fertilization systems, horticultural expertise, LED/lighting technologies, air filtration systems, and climate control and energy efficiency systems.

AgroTourism and Hospitality – Businesses attracting consumers to a destination such as a restaurant, agricultural based operation (farm or ranch), cannabis retreat or hotel promoting medically or recreational experiences and/or usage.

Ancillary Products and Services – Businesses that offer products that complement the cannabis industry as a whole, which can include products like a cannabis breathalyzer to laboratories that test cannabis products. This also includes companies that provide insurance to cultivators as well as those that create consumer packaging for products.

Biotechnology & Life Sciences – Businesses that focus on the pharmaceutical applications of cannabis by developing treatments to target illnesses and diseases. 

Consulting Services – Businesses that advise or conduct a service to and for the cannabis industry in any capacity.  Examples include advising on cultivation, extraction, distribution, regulation, compliance, technology, finance, accounting, sales and marketing, and operations.

Consumer Goods (CPG) – Businesses that create packaged consumer goods including but not limited to infused food products, drinks, oils, extracts, and lotions.

Consumption Devices – Businesses that create products that people use to consume cannabis such as handpipes, waterpipes and vaporizers.

Cultivation – Businesses that grow cannabis, either in a commercial facility or in a home garden.

Data & Analytics – Businesses that use qualitative and quantitative techniques to process, track and examine data.  Companies can include seed-to-sale systems, delivery services, enterprise software, communication and mapping service, and trading platforms.

eCommerce – Online business where consumers can purchase products and services. 

Extraction – Businesses who handle the process of obtaining cannabis concentrates from the marijuana plant.

Financial Services – Businesses who offer accounting, capital, and financing solutions for companies in the cannabis industry.

Investment Management – Private Equity, Growth Equity, Venture Capital, Asset Managers or Family Offices that invest capital in the cannabis industry.

Lab Testing – Laboratories involved in the comprehensive testing of cannabis for potency, quality, residual solvents, physical and microbial contamination, and terpenes.

Manufacturing – Businesses that handle the process of converting raw cannabis materials, components, or parts into finished goods such as oils, extracts, edibles, etc.

Media – Businesses or platform operators that aggregate, manage, and distribute marijuana-related media including news, content, social networks, games, and entertainment.

Packaging, Logistics & Distribution – A company providing physical distribution, warehouse selection, material handling, packaging, order fulfillment, customer service, inventory management, receiving, production stores, and returned goods.

Pharmaceuticals – Research and development of new drugs and products utilizing cannabinoids, the active compounds within cannabis.

Real Estate – Acquiring land or facilities to be used for a cannabis related business.

Recruiting & Staffing – Businesses who are contracted to perform employee recruitment, screening and selection, orientation, training, retention and termination for another organization or business. 

Retail & Dispensaries – Brick and mortar companies with licenses that sell cannabis flower and related products.

Technology – Companies that provide technologies and software for cannabis companies and consumers.  

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